The Second Gunfighter Flag Exercise of 2015

The exercises that happen on the range at Mountain Home AFB are the best part of my job.  I got to hear an A-10’s gun go off for the first time during this exercise, which really took the awesome level up to 11.

12 Air Force Commander Visits Mountain Home

We had a three star general (Lieutenant General) visit Mountain Home AFB. I tried to connect the different scenes together via handshakes, think it worked out nicely.


The story without an ending

This video took WAY longer than I wanted to complete, but I think it came together pretty well in the end.


air Power

It’s tricky when a civilian company makes a trip to a base to make sure not to endorse that company.

Also, the guys at the metal shop were SUPER helpful about getting us good b-roll.

That does not imply I had enough b-roll. I got JUST enough, there may have been some head-banging on my desk.

It’s about building a bond

If I was in security forces, I’d want to be a dog handler, but hanging out with an experienced handler made me very happy I do my job. There’s a lot of heartbreak in being a dog handler.

Lunar New Year

One of the benefits of being in the Air Force is being exposed to different cultures. Getting to experience a proper Chinese (Lunar) New Year was definitely one of the highlights.

Good times at Mountain Home

The story is boring, but I wanted to make the transitions between scenes interesting. It worked out easier than I thought.

Dub The Halls

The beginning and end of my rap career. I acted in this, did not produce it.

Smash and Grab

My first ride in a Blackhawk helicopter went pretty well. Very fast shoot.

Capstone 2014

The highlight of my job at Mountain Home is going out for exercises and practice combat camera skills. Hilarity ensues.