We All Love Our Dogs

This one got posted to the Air Force’s Facebook page, which was pretty cool. Looking back, I’d do some things differently, but I’m still pretty proud of it.



Having to deal with budget issues and outdated equipment can be a major frustration for Airmen. This video covers how one shop deals with the struggle.


12 Air Force Commander Visits Mountain Home

We had a three star general (Lieutenant General) visit Mountain Home AFB. I tried to connect the different scenes together via handshakes, think it worked out nicely.


The story without an ending

This video took WAY longer than I wanted to complete, but I think it came together pretty well in the end.


air Power

It’s tricky when a civilian company makes a trip to a base to make sure not to endorse that company.

Also, the guys at the metal shop were SUPER helpful about getting us good b-roll.

That does not imply I had enough b-roll. I got JUST enough, there may have been some head-banging on my desk.

It’s about building a bond

If I was in security forces, I’d want to be a dog handler, but hanging out with an experienced handler made me very happy I do my job. There’s a lot of heartbreak in being a dog handler.

Lunar New Year

One of the benefits of being in the Air Force is being exposed to different cultures. Getting to experience a proper Chinese (Lunar) New Year was definitely one of the highlights.

Good times at Mountain Home

The story is boring, but I wanted to make the transitions between scenes interesting. It worked out easier than I thought.

Dub The Halls

The beginning and end of my rap career. I acted in this, did not produce it.

Smash and Grab

My first ride in a Blackhawk helicopter went pretty well. Very fast shoot.