Smash and Grab

My first ride in a Blackhawk helicopter went pretty well. Very fast shoot. … [Continue reading]

Capstone 2014

The highlight of my job at Mountain Home is going out for exercises and practice combat camera skills. Hilarity ensues. … [Continue reading]

How to fund an Air Force Base

This video was a brilliant ploy to play with a slinky. … [Continue reading]

Fire Week 2014

Apparently, when people from the base fire department are featured in the news, they have to buy everyone in the station donuts. … [Continue reading]

VMFAT – 101 visits Mountain Home AFB

It's always interesting working with other services, especially Marines. Great guys, very different from Air Force. … [Continue reading]


Video I made about the Thunderbirds. I may have gone a bit over the top. … [Continue reading]